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Driving Cline Avenue Reprise

[Vimeo 8700217]

Emmett Kerrigan’s paintings are of the past.  Whether farm landscapes, painted wooden tops and cityscapes, Kerrigan’s work instantly draws you in by his sophisticated techniques, luscious colors and ability to look at the discarded in a new light.  This week new works by Emmett Kerrigan opened up at the Elmhurst Art Museum.

Whiting-2 by Emmett Kerrigan

He is drawn to the objects off the interstate we passes by.  Whether the farms featured in his earlier work or his drives along Cline Ave, a thoroughfare that serves the steel mills and the communities that grew up around them, his images are familiar.  But his use of paint makes these structures fresh again.  His layers upon layers of color trick the eye and provide depth and light.

For those that drive through NW Indiana or take Chicago Skyway, the perspective is immediately recognizable. As the buildings on Cline Avenue represent a community once thriving are now dismissed as outdated and not relevant. So it’s fitting that Kerrigan uses a medium that to some in the contemporary art world is considered outdated and not relevant.

Truthful Enthusiasm interviewed Linda Warren, who represents Kerrigan, at his recent solo show at her gallery.  These works are now on display with other works by Kerrigan at the Elmhurst Art Museum Through March 21, 2010.