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Edgar Miller – Forgotten Renaissance Man

November 6, 2009 7 comments

In the late 1920s, Edgar Miller began a career as a designer.  This Art Institute of Chicago dropout began creating beautiful stained glass and woodcarvings in private residences around Chicago’s Lincoln Park Neighborhood.  Using scrap as material he created ornate environments where residents could escape the drudgery of life is the city.

Surprisingly, eighty years after being first envisioned, several of these private residences still exist.  Richard Cahan and Michael Williams capture these art-filled homes in a new book, Edgar Miller And The Handmade Home.  They tell the story of this artisan who spent most of his career creating beauty very few would experience and enjoy.

Miller didn’t settle for one medium, but rather explored painting, stained glass, ornate wood carvings and tile work, among many others, all for the challenge sharing his vision in a new way.   And what he achieved over his lifetime is truly something special.