Sunday Best

[Vimeo 10680426]

Yesterday as I was walking in my north side Chicago neighborhood, where families were getting together for Easter celebrations.  The Mexican girls across the street, dressed in pastel gowns, were out in the front yard searching for hidden eggs while the boys of the Nigerian Minister next door were well groomed in suit and tie headed off to a day of church, all were in their Sunday Best to celebrate this important day in the Christian religion.

From the series "Sunday Best" by Andreas Fischer

This glimpse into their lives reminds me of an exhibition currently at the Hyde Park Art Center.  Artist Andreas Fischer, inspired by a collection of photographs from the Montana Historical Society of men and women from generations past, dressed up in their best for these portraits, tries to create context.  Not knowing anything other than what is captured in the image gave Fischer the license to come up with modern interpretations of the traditional portrait.  You know instantly upon viewing that these are from a photograph.  You also know from the color used and the image created that he made his own story.

The faces are warped, some say Zombie-like.  Fischer says this is intentional, wanting to exaggerate for the contemporary viewer that history and artifacts are left up to the interpretation of the viewer.  That most of the images captured now, seen through the eyes of a future observer will have their context.  Dear future viewer, treat us kindly.

The exhibition ‘Sunday Best’ is on display on the first floor of the Hyde Park Art Center (5020 S. Cornell Ave) through April 18, 2010.

  1. Maria
    April 26, 2010 at 12:36 am

    hi Matthew. I would like to use your video on the Rastros y Cronicas Exhibit for my presentation in my Teaching Methods Art History class. I viewed it a few times before and it was working great but now it doesn’t. I plan to add a link so my classmates can see the rest of your videos. Do I have your permission and can you help me figure out why the video doesn’t load.

    Maria C.

    • July 16, 2013 at 3:57 pm

      So Maria, This will probably be a blast from the past, but was just going throw my old blog posts and noticed this comment. I went to the video you where talking about and when I tried to play it…and it initially didn’t work. Now it is. Check out my Vimeo account. I’ve been posting more recent videos there where you may be able to use in your class.

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