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Home Wreckage

You don’t pick your family, so when the holidays arrive around and families come together in joyous celebration, anxiety most likely lurks just below the surface.  To alleviate some of the stress we subscribe to certain easy to follow rules.

Avoid conversations on politics. Check!

Don’t mention certain events from the past year.  Check!

Stay positive.   Check!  J Partake in the joy being poured; regain confidence, and dissolve that delicate layer of caution.

The exhibition “Home Wreckage” examines that tension just in time to take your extended family on an outing while they are in town.   And maybe use it as a way to find some common ground with your mutual anxiety.

This multi-artists show has works by Chicago and International artists.  And although many of these are dark in context, they provide a bit of humor as well.  Two collages by Austrian artist Franz West make commercial advertisements selling joy, a bit sinister.

Several artists look at the barrie"Room Divider" by Patrick Gavinrs between families.  Patrick Gavin’s Room Divider is a simple green beam standing 6 inches tall but runs the length of the floor.  Although it isn’t a true physical barrier, the psychological division has you walking around instead of over.

The exhibition has a collection of 25 short films by Roman Signer.  In his filmed experiments, Signer creates what he calls “action sculptures”.  This films and the sculptures created are documents of destruction.  The father figure, who ones immediate finds comfort and security in, once you seen on the screen, spends his time destroying.  My favorite is of Signer in a kayak being pulled down a gravel road, presumably near his home, the cattle along the side of the road begin to run along side of him as he passes…for a moment creating a stampede.

See these and other works in the exhibition Home Wreckage, Saturdays through January 24, 2010 at Devening Projects + Editions, 3039 W Carroll St, Chicago IL 60612.   Be sure to bring a cell phone or call ahead (312) 420- 4720 to gain entry into the warehouse.

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