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Three Perspectives and a Short Scenario

[Vimeo 8247055]

Liam Gillick’s work explores the idea of how our environment affects our perspectives.  In his current exhibition at MCA Chicago, Three Perspectives and a Short Scenario, Gillick explores the past 20 years of his work, but in an atypical way.  He created new works to tell the story of his artistic evolution.

As you first walk in, you notice two prominent installations.  Slatted framed walls create the walkways and rooms, directing you along a path, showing Gillick’s fascination with “relational aesthetic”, the idea of how our world is constructed affects our experience in it.  The second piece you notice is the brightly colored panels on the ceiling of the exhibition space.  These are a nod to his current works of color.  He has replaced the drop ceiling with colored transparent panels adding a reflective glow to the walls and room.

In two of the sectioned off areas he has works he has done over the years.  A Glass case is filled with posters and books he has designed.  In another section photos of his works have elaborate diagrams and explanations; too much information to digest, but giving one a sense that these simple structures have lot of thought behind them.

Across the hall from the exhibition, two more of his pieces are a part of the Artists in Depth series at the MCA.  These two works are a part of the MCA’s permanent collection and are placed around works by three important conceptual artists, Jenny Holzer, Donald Judd and Sol LeWitt.   If you had any questions remaining about his work from the larger exhibition, these two pieces bring together why he is a significant artist of his time.

The exhibition Liam Gillick: Three Perspectives and a Short Scenario and Artists in Depth both continue through January 10, 2010.

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